Nickelodeon Launching New Channel Specially for ’90s Cartoons?

Can you imagine a world where you get to watch all your favorite 90s cartoons as much as you want? It’s perfect isn’t it? Well, Nickelodeon is said to be cooking up something for all of us ’90s kids out there. Rumor has it that an all new channel for 90s cartoons is in the works – and this has gotten people to be all excited!



Something known as The Splat has been posting a bunch of hints online about a ’90s channel.

They uploaded this video to YouTube on Saturday. It features a bunch of Nicktoons with the tagline “The Splat is coming”.


A basic website has also been launched that features all of the social media platforms for The Splat.

The logo was also floating around at ’90s fest over the weekend in Brooklyn. Although nothing has been confirmed, people are still freaking out.


While no official announcements have been made, just the thought of a channel stacked with our ’90s faves makes us happy little beavers.





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