Spice Girls Are Back For A World Tour!…Without Posh Spice

You’ll get Baby, Sporty, Scary, and Ginger, but no Posh! The greatest girl group that ever lived will be staging a brand new world tour next year – minus Victoria Beckham. While the news has saddened some hard core Spice Girls fans, they have still vowed to support the ultimate girl group of the 90s.

Sources have confirmed that Emma, Geri, Mel B and Mel C will reform The Spice Girls into a foursome without Victoria, who insists she’s far too busy with family and her fashion brand to join the others on tour.

But that’s alright! The girls have been hinting at this exact arrangement since they reunited for a performance at the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony in London. Their entrance on LED-covered black cabs was nothing short of iconic, like the performance that followed, which proved the ladies are more than capable of a huge comeback with or without Victoria.

The girls are reportedly in talks with tour promoters to reunite before the 20-year anniversary of “Wannabe” next year. There’s also no beef between Victoria and the others — though she declined to join the reunion tour, the door will remain open if she changes her mind.

Spice Girls Closing Ceremony Olympic Games London 2012


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