’90s Kids Learn Finally Learn the Truth About “Macarena”

What 90s child did not dance to this catchy tune at the height of its popularity? Things is, you probably didn’t know what the song was about – like the rest of the non-Spanish speaking world.

Well, someone finally got wise and decided to gather up 90s kids and told them what the lyrics to the song really meant. It turns out that Macarena wasn’t a good girl after all. The song was about a woman who “cheats” and many boys were after her. Kids who used to dance to this tune at the drop of a hat were flabbergasted. The look on their faces were golden too.

But hey, it’s still a great way to get the crowd on their feet on weddings. Ayyyy, Macarena!

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90s Kids Lose Their Innocence When They Find Out What The Macarena Is Really About


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